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FOR CFUW PEOPLE'S REFERENCE MAINLY but also because someone screwed something up and i never got my schedule in my email and i'm too lazy to keep track of the paper i wrote it down on all week, so

Sun 9:30a-6:30p
Mon 12:00p-7:00p
Tue 10:00a-7:00p
Thu 10:00a-7:00p
Sat 10:30a-7:30p

All times are in EST o/


I was going to post this to my DWidth, but then decided I should post it somewhere where more people can see it and offer advice and such, so. lols.

I am feeling A LOT OF RP WEIRDNESS lately. As I know many people are! Possibly because RL has been busy and zany and crazy for me these past few weeks, but. idk. I keep thinking I want to drop some of my lineup, but then again no, I don't. Sometimes I want to drop all of them. IDK.

SO I AM GOING TO DO SOME VERY LENGTHY RAMBLING ABOUT EACH CHARACTER! Sort of like a Dropping Meme, but with less structure and more tl;dr

FiroCollapse )
Chances of dropping as of this moment: 6/10

RoseCollapse )
Chances of dropping as of this moment: 5/10

KenCollapse )
Chances of dropping as of this moment: 0/10, unless AJ drops Mukuro

PattyCollapse )
Chances of dropping as of this moment: 9.5/10 EXCEPT I WOULD STILL BE SUPER UNHAPPY IF ANYONE APPED HER AFTER I DROPPED HER so more like 7/10

IoCollapse )
Chances of dropping as of this moment: 8/10

ChieCollapse )
Chances of dropping as of this moment: 5/10

IDK A LOT OF MY PROBLEMS ARE THAT I HAVE GOTTEN IT INTO MY HEAD SOMEHOW THAT I SHOULD BE DISCONTENT WITH MY PLAY. And possibly thinking all this stuff through after an exhausting week of FUCK WORK and RL SOCIAL LIFE is not the best idea ever, but. Ugh. I keep wondering if I should just drop out of CFUD altogether, but it's really the only thing I DO other than work most of the time, and I do still enjoy it immensely, and don't actually feel anywhere near ready to give it up, let it down, etc.

I ALSO HAVE SOME BAWWWW regarding upcoming apps, and I really need to stop telling people "HEY I AM GOING TO APP FROM YOUR CANON" until I actually have an app started, because I feel like a huge letdown when I wind up flaking out or changing my mind, and that makes me even more bawww about EVERYTHING regarding RP.



SO I GOT BORED TODAY and was making more icons. And randomly decided to try coloring one! AND I REALLY KIND OF LIKED HOW IT TURNED OUT but I am not sure I have the motivation to do the whole set. BUT I WANTED TO SHARE ANYWAY JUST TO SEE WHAT PEOPLE THINK.

What style do you think looks better?

OTHER i will leave ideas/suggestions in comments
NONE stop being a special snowflake and just use black and white

The first set are the ones Floor did for me ♥♥♥ (except the last one, which I did this morning) which just have a color overlay, and the second ones have all sorts of fun color and overlay layers, as well as tinting the regular background, or adding a pattern background, depending on the icon.

I'm not always a huge fan of full colored sets, but I think the P4 manga colors really really nicely the way I'm doing it, so... HMMM.



From my final save:

Chie Satonaka
Level 80
HP 546
SP 262
Weapon Kehaya (Atk 310, Hit 94. Effect: +3 Magic)
Armor Amaterasu Hitoe (Def 251, Eva 29. Effect: +Counter phys (med odds))
Accessory Reisen Brace (All stats are increased by 4.)

Suzuka Gongen

Null Ice
St 56 (+4) Ma 45 (+3+4) En 45 (+4) Ag 59 (+4) Lu 42 (+4)
Agneyastra - Deals heavy Phys damage to all foes 1x to 3x. (Cost: 130 HP)
Power Charge - Doubles physical damage dealt next turn. (Cost: 15 SP)
Bufula - Deals medium Ice damage to 1 foe. (Cost: 8 SP)
Rainy Death - Deals heavy Phys damage to 1 foe. (Cost: 107 HP)
Mabufu - Deals light Ice damage to all foes. (Cost: 10 SP)
God's Hand - Deals severe Phys damage to 1 foes. (Cost: 114 HP)
Ice Boost - Strengthens Ice attacks by 25%.
High Counter - 20% chance of reflecting Phys attacks.


Name: Chie Satonaka
Age: 16! Her birthdate is July 30th, 1995.
Gender: Female!
Height: 5'2" (158 cm)
Medical Info: Normal, healthy teenaged girl! Very fit, too.

Eyes: Gold
Hair: Light brown
Physical traits: Like I said, she's really fit. She trains a lot, especially her legs, as her attacks are all kick-based. So she's got REALLY nice legs.

This section contains spoilers for Persona 4, specifically Chie's S.LinkCollapse )

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Always! Just arrange stuff with me ahead of time when necessary, please. The spit at/step on bit might get you kicked around a bit, though.

Maim/Murder/Death: No death, unless specific circumstances have come up, and we've arranged things ahead of time. But fights are totally fine! Especially lol video game meta party fights, though one-on-one is fine, too!
AS A NOTE, video game meta party fight "deaths" are fine, as she'll just get up with 1 HP left at the end if she gets KO'd anyway \o/

Non-Violent Physical Contact/Kissing/Hugging: Unsolicited kissing/hugging will possibly earn you a kick to the nads. Just sayin'.

Cooking: .........N-NO. She'll readily volunteer for it if the occasion arises, but DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING CHIE FEEDS YOU. j-just don't. seriously.


Character: Chie Satonaka
Series: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Character Age: 16
Canon: In the quiet country town of Inaba, there's a strange rumor going around at the local high school. It's said that if you look into the TV at midnight when it's raining out, your soulmate will appear before you. But after two people who were seen on the so-called "Midnight Channel" turn up dead on foggy days, Souji Seta, a new arrival to the town, starts to wonder if something else might be going on. After realising that they can step through the television screens and into another world, Souji and his friends take it upon themselves to rescue people who have shown up on TV by harnessing their newly-discovered powers of "Persona", gained by facing their - usually embarrassing - "true selves" in the mysterious fog-filled TV World.

One of these friends is Chie Satonaka. Chie's lived in Inaba all her life, and she quickly befriends Souji when he transfers into her homeroom class. Outgoing and cheerful, if a little over-aggressive sometimes, Chie's something of a tomboy, and definitely lives life by her motto of "Don't think, feel!". When she's not busy diving into a big screen television to fight shadows alongside her classmates and an oversized cartoon bear in order to save people, she enjoys watching badass kung-fu movies (when Yousuke hasn't broken her DVDs, that is), training, eating steak and meat-flavored gum, and having lesbian subtext hanging out with her best friend, Yukiko.

Note: "Hwa taaaaaa!" is the sound Chie makes when performing her one-hit K.O. follow-up attack, "Galactic Punt", in which she punts enemies off into the sky.


What the— Souji? Yukiko? Guys? Helloooooo? Is this really the TV world...? I mean, it's definitely got some pretty thick fog, but the fog there usually isn't bright purple or sparkling. ...Huh? "Something in the water"? I guess that sorta makes sense... Oh, hey! Do you think you could show me to the exit? That's what big, colorful animals like you are supposed to do when you run into new people wandering around in a place like this, right? You're not really as cute as Teddie, but at least you're quieter. No lame jokes, just a quick and quiet trip out of this place. It's sort of refreshing!

Wait, where are we? No, I said take me to the exit, you big dumb ape, not just further into the swamp! Argh, fine, I'll just have to find my own way out. Come on, Chie, you can do it! You don't need some stupid monkey to show you the way out. "Don't think, feel," right? So I'll just let my instincts guide me, and... —Oof! Hey, what do you think you're doing, coming at me like that—

Oh, hey, wow! Look at everybody kung-fu fighting! Their moves are... well, okay, so they're not really as fast as lightning, and it's almost a little bit frightening how parts keep flying off them. But it reminds me of that scene in "Night of the Dragon"! where the main character leaps in and kicks three guards down all at once, and one of them goes flying out the window, and—! A-Anyway, I take it back — this place is awesome! Are you guys filming a movie or something? ......... "Tongue Pow"? No offense or anything, but uh... That's sooort of a lame title for an action-packed kung-fu horror thriller. You should try something with a little more kick to it! Like... "Crushing Fatality: the Unending Destiny" or something! I know, it sounds much better that way. No need to thank me, but instead, how about giving me a part in a fight scene? Let me show you some of my moves, I promise you won't be disappointed. Just watch—

—Huh? Hey, where's everyone going? Ohhh, I get it, it must be time for a lunch break. Alright, I'll just have to show you after we eat. ...Oooh, oooh, ooooh! I bet a movie set like this has to have a good caterer. And that means... Grilled steak!! It's my hometown's famous dish, but steak is steak, and I bet it's delicious here, too! ...Aww, no steak? Really? Well okay, what's on the menu, then? ...."Braaaaaaains"? Uhh on second thought, no thanks, I'll pass. I've got some gum with me, and I'll be fine with just that. ...H-Hey watch it! If you want some, all you've gotta do is ask! Here, no need to get so grabby. Sheesh, and I thought most people didn't even like meat-flavored gum, let alone want it enough to try and steal it right out of someone's pocket. —Hey, the gum's not even in there anymore! Ugh, you creep, just what do you think you're grabbing at!?

You know what? I take it back. Just this once, you definitely should've thought, not felt. HWA TAAAAAA!

95.7% IN wh-what